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Achla Eilat restaurant is considered one of the most favorite restaurants in Eilat, loved by residents and tourists alike. At the Achla Eilat restaurant, classic Israeli grill dishes are served, where according to tradition, at the beginning of each meal, fresh salads and a variety of Israeli appetizers are served accompanied by oven-baked pastries.

There is no doubt that the highlight of Achla Eilat restaurant is the fresh, fine and tasty meat. The meat menu at Achla Eilat includes skewers, steaks, ribs, beef fillet shawarma and a selection of fresh fish. The menu at Achla Eilat restaurant also includes a selection of traditional oriental dishes, soups, dishes for children, a pampering dessert menu and more. Achla Eilat is a restaurant where every Israeli diner and lover of authentic oriental grill leaves full and satisfied

It is possible to host groups and hold events for up to 150 people.
Takeaway is an option

Boutique events

Events at the restaurant

Looking for a place for an event in Eilat?

A place where you can enjoy the abundance and quality of meats and salads.

In a great restaurant – for events up to 150 guests

The place is suitable for weddings, alliances, bar mitzvah, business events, private events


Stir fried mushrooms

On a hot pan seasoned with olive oil, garlic and silan

Carriage marbled steak entrecote


Turkey shishlik, Chicken Liver, hearts, chicken, Turkey Testicles, Lamb kebab, Enricot & More…

Homemade couscous

fresh meat
Fine & tasty


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